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Parking Sensors

Parking sensors are proximity sensors for vehicles which can alert the driver to unseen obstacles during parking manoeuvres. The parking sensors will provide an audible warning with a series of beeps that increase in pitch and frequency as you move nearer a stationary object. It doesn’t matter what you drive or how big your vehicle is, some cars just do not have good rear visibility.

33% of Vehicle Accidents are Caused by Driver Error, when Parking or Reversing…. Fact!

Don’t second guess where your car starts and where the car in front of you start! 

Help reduce the risk of expensive collisions, bumps and scrapes and take the guess work out of parking and park your vehicle in tight spaces, making life easier by having parking sensors professionally installed. As soon as the reverse gear is selected, the parking sensors are activated, detecting any obstruction behind the vehicle, then deactivated as soon as any other gear or neutral is selected. The driver is alerted to any obstacles by the audible beep warning tone which intensifies as the car moves closer to the nearest object.  Front parking sensors are generally activated by pressing a button or activated/deactivated with a can-bus interface so when the vehicle exceeds a certain speed above or below 6MPH , this is to avoid nuisance warnings in slow moving traffic.

We offer the best quality products and are the leaders specialising in parking sensors throughout the north east! All our parking sensors come with a lifetime guarantee for piece of mind.  All our parking sensors are professionally colour coded and lacquered to your vehicles paint work just supply us with your vehicle registration and we shall do the rest. After making your booking we will arrange a convenient installation date/time to suit you best.